A players illusion or a strategy? Placing a red or black bet on the roulette table

If a colour comes up more frequently in the Roulette strategy game, does it mean there is a high chance of winning with it? The answer to this is, unfortunately, a No. However the question is without a doubt a self-delusion and if you stick to it, it might lead to a lot of losses.

Also, come to think of it, why do casino show past spins? This is just a promotion strategy for the Casino and it would be unfortunate also if you would fall into such a trick. Some people try to twist the whole idea around by betting on the colour that has not shown up frequently for instance if the red colour shows up 7 consecutive times then for the next event they choose the black one.

It would be unwise if you also do this. You need to understand that the chances that occur in the game depend on the event. But before we go further, let us define what an event is.

Event and Unique events

An event in a roulette game is also called a new event, unique, a standalone, and an individual. An event is a representation of a random trial such as the spin in a roulette. If we do away with the zero which is marked as a green colour, then you will only remain with two outcomes that red and black

One thing that you should keep in mind is that the Roulette has no memory and therefore any spin made in the game is unique and gives a unique value. Therefore, the probability to land a red or a black is regarded as equal at any time during the play regardless if one of the colour had appeared 30 times in a row.

For instance when playing an American Roulette with 18 black+ 18 red+ two single then the probability to win a bet using any of the colours can be 18/38= 0.4737 = 47.37.

Therefore, this means that the black or red colour appear with the same probability. In reality, the prediction is simple, in that the colour must change at long last. However, in the probability point of view, it would be wrong to assume that the colour which did not come for a long time is now more likely to appear.

The chances of getting the colour you desire increases with the increase in the number of plays. An infinite number of spins will give you equal chances of black or red at 47.37% and the rest zero or green colour.

What would be the probability of getting a black after 2 consecutive plays that produced 2 blacks in a row? This can only be answered by looking at the series of events.

Event series

The series of events considering what had happened previously in the game. the probability of a series of events is determined by multiplying the previous unique events probabilities. In the above scenario where you are supposed to determine the probability of getting a black after the black colour appears 2 times in a row in American Roulette is 18/38×18/38= 0.2244.

As the series increases, the probability of getting a black becomes low. For instance; the probability of getting a black after getting 10 blacks in a row is (18/38)10 = 5.687×10-4. This calculation gives the red or black odds roulette that the casino gives roulette players for fair play.roulette red or black

Roulette games have no direct bets on its series. The indirect batting is done using the Anti-Martingale system which will allow you to pick a given length of series before the games start. If you pick 3 reds the bet will stand until either the series is broken or it wins.

So, how do you predict the best bet in red and black roulette? There are no shortcuts in this, but I believe there is always a solution to everything. And for this particular issue, it is a precognition approach.

Precognition approaches

Everyone in the world has different latent ability for precognition. In case you feel like it isn’t enough, the skill can be developed like any other ability out there.

The simple act of deciding whether a decision in the casino especially when it comes to online roulette is right for you to depend on your gut feeling. That is placing a bet can either make you feel good or bad depending on the bet you pick. If you pick the red in the roulette and the feeling you have is positive keep it despite the initial losses. If the feeling is negative, it would be wise to switch to black despite what the people at the table might think.