What is rakeback poker and how does it work when playing online?

If you’re a regular online poker player, you may have heard of poker rakeback… but do you know exactly what is rakeback poker? Also, do you realize that many players are using it to leverage their profits? It’s amazing how overlooked poker rakeback often is within the online poker community, considering it can be really simple to benefit from.

Read through this article to have poker rakeback explained clearly to you, and chances are you’ll find these could be some of the most useful online poker tips you have ever learned!

What is rakeback poker, and how can you use it to your advantage?

To fully understand what is rakeback poker, you first have to be aware of the underlying concept of “raking”. Simply put, raking is a small commission that most on-line casinos collect in the course of poker tournaments as well as Sit & go’s. If you’re used to playing online poker, you likely have noticed that you’re usually asked to pay a small amount of money in order to be allowed to join a table. These funds are collected by the online casino to help fund their operations, a practice which is referred to as raking. While the actual amount paid by players tends to be very small in comparison to the money that goes into the pot, the total funds collected normally build up to huge amounts since there are many, many tables being played at any given time in a typical online casino.

So when it comes to understanding what is rakeback poker, you’re simply looking at a small bonus that some casinos choose to share with the most loyal players. Typically, this feature is offered through loyalty programs or even full-fledged VIP programs, but in some casinos it can be part of the standard package – make sure to look for rakeback opportunities whenever you’re planning to join a new online casino, and if you require clarification don’t hesitate to reach out to the support team with your questions. They will be in the best possible to clearly have poker rakeback explained to you, as well as letting you know the exact terms of rakeback opportunities in that specific online casino.

Now that you have an idea of what is rakeback poker, you may be wondering exactly how you can use this opportunity to your advantage. The answer is actually as simple as obvious, as explained in the next section.

Poker rakeback explained and other useful online poker tips

The key to using rakeback poker to leverage your returns is simpler than it may sound; essentially, it involves playing many tables at once while aiming to minimize losses in each table. This is possible by playing very conservatively and only calling bets when you are reasonably confident you have the winning hand. Most novice players won’t play conservatively because it can be quite boring, especially if you’re playing in a single table. However, since with online poker you can sit at a virtually unlimited number of tables at once, this won’t necessarily be a problem as long as you stay focused on the bottom line.

Think about it: by playing many tables and once in a very conservative fashion, you will be able to keep your losses limited mostly to the blind amounts – since typically most of the money lost in a poker table will be the direct result of hasty emotional playing. In other words, most players tend to lose the most money in online poker when they overestimate their hand and join battles they cannot win. When you’re focused on earning money through the rakeback, you will find that playing many tables at once becomes quite enjoyable, as you only have to focus on calling bets in those tables where you happen to be dealt a particularly strong hand.

When you get used to this style of playing, you only have to worry about minimizing losses (which is not too hard if you stick to tables with reasonably low blinds) in order to take part in as many tables as possible without losing a lot of money in the course of a session. In the meanwhile, you’re bound to be dealt a strong hand in one of the tables you’ve joined, and those are the only moments when you should strike like a hawk and put your best game forward. From a statistic standpoint, this approach will translate in bigger wins, fewer losses and additionally you’ll also get a bit of extra revenue through your rakeback bonus.